(WSS+Tumalog) Oslob Whale Shark and Tumalog fall

WSS+Tumalog Falls

Whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu.  The South East of Cebu is now famous as the site of whale sharks sanctuary in Tanawan, Oslob.  It’s 140 km. away from Maribago, Mactan,  with 3-4 hours travel by car. 

Whale Sharks visibility in Oslob was noted with a school of 22 recently, August 2016, but last June 2013 schools of 40 were visible in the area including the one which has a Tag in its tail as Baha, California, USA registered.  Whale sharks are visible during good weather and clear water before the water temperature goes up, but when the water is rough and muddy, the sharks are not coming for feeding. Swimming with the whale sharks is so amazing and there are rules implemented by the government as follows; not approach near than 5 meters, use camera without flash, feeding is not allowed, application of body lotion is prohibited, etc.  Recommended time of whale sharks watching and encounter is for 6-9am, after which chances of viewing is very slim.  Oslob Whale Shark Sanctuary services includes boat ride with 2 – 3 crews as guide and watchers with 30 minutes per session per group.

Oslob Whale Shark Sanctuary services includes boat ride with 2 – 3 crews as guide and watchers
with 30 minutes per session per group. Entrance fee 100.  500 for watching, Snorkeling 1,000, Diving 1,500, Additional session ( for 30 minutes ) at P1,000.00+100 per person
for snorkeling, P1,500.00+100 per person for diving(for 45 minutes) in which the snorkelers or divers should go back to the shore to get the required tickets for the next session.

Pickup at 3:30am for Mactan Island Area, 4:00am for Cebu and Mandaue City Area.
Arrival at Oslob at 6:30 to 7:00am. Take breakfast at Oslob beach resort.
After breakfast board the boat for the 30 minutes session for the whale shark encounter
Around 8-8:30am depart to Tumalog Falls with 15 minutes trip by car and 5 minutes motorbike down to the falls.  Take pictures and swimming around the falls up to 1-2hrs and go back to Oslob beach to take shower or go back straight to the hotel with arrival at around 12:30-1pm.  Lunch is not included on the package.

Whale Shark and Tumalog Fall Video

(WSS + Tumalog Falls)
Whale Sharks snorkeling ( 1 session 30 minutes) + Tumalog Falls
Rates : For a group of  2 persons @ P6,500.00 per person, Group of 3 persons  @ P6,175.00 per person, group of 4-5 persons  @ P5,850.00 per person, for 6 persons up please send email for inquiry. Booking Status  ➡ Book This Tour Now

Child: 1~P 70,  4~11 yrs 80% of Adult rate.
Inclusions: Round trip transfers by car, snorkel sets, rash guards , breakfast ( sandwich, coffee or tea ), juice, drinks, government fees , entrance fees, life vest, snacks , towels  and shower, motorbike ride to the falls.

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