Plan Tour

Plan Tour

1.) Choose your marine activity:
a.) Island Hopping
b.) Snorkel
c.) Island Hopping and Snorkel
d.) Fishing and Island Hopping
e.) Island Hopping and Jet Ski or Other Marine Activity
f.) Snorkeling and Experimental Dive
g.) Snorkel and SnorkelPlus Original
h.) Sunset or Dinner Cruising

2.) Choose your destination from our Island Map, or visit our HINT page for you to have an idea which island you go.

3.) Choose a boat:
a.) Pump Boat ?E/font> economical local style of boat (15 capacity)
b.) Catamaran Motor Yacht ?Eyou can enjoy as deluxe (48 capacity)

4.) View our Tariff page – Our rates are based on area location. Area A, Area B, Area C and Area D. You have the options to select one or more areas for your desired trip. Rates are based on fuel consumption of our boats.

If Area B is selected you can go to Area A & Area B like as well Area B and Area C, but if you book Area D you can only go to Area A and Area B, Area C not included.

We offer a special PROMO of FREE two (2) drinks on every passenger