Discovery Div Hilutungan, Snorkel Nalusuan, Beach Pandanon

Hilutungan Island (Snorkel+Discovery Diving) + Nalusuan Island(Snorkel+Beach Resort Use+Discovery Diving) 1 Dive + Pandanon BBQ
Using Pump Boat – 6 Hours Trip

Hilutungan island is 25 minutes away from our shop in Maribago and is one of the best sites for diving and snorkeling but can’t set foot in the island since the sanctuary is located on the rocky side. Its a marine protected area with the visibility of several kinds of marine life and coral reefs.  Basic diving lessons will be given in the shallow area. Activities will be done around the anchored boat or the boat will follow the direction of the guests.

Nalusuan island is another 15 minutes away from Hilutungan, with more beautiful corals, tropical fish and with the chance of visibility of stingrays and turtles.  It’s the best site for diving and snorkeling.  Even around the jetty you can see schools of fish.  You can stroll inside the island and swim on the other side of it with white sand which you enjoy most during low tide.  Bringing food and drinks inside the island is not allowed.

Pandanon Island is another 30 minutes away from Nalusuan with majestic white sand beach and a Sanbar on the northern side of the island which you can enjoy sun bathing.   Best for swimming with clear crystal waters.   BBQ lunch along the beach and a cottage for relaxation.   Pick up time is from 7:30am – 9am in any Mactan hotels and from Cebu or Mandaue hotels, take taxi with departure time in your hotel not later than 8am with P300 refundable as part of your round trip transportation expense.  The trip is up to 7 hrs provided that you will be back in our shop before 4:30pm.

D7d1++E Hil+Nal +Pan 1div BBQ ) Executive Package :Group of 2 persons=PhP7,420/ person, 3 persons=PhP7,050/person, 4~5 persons=P6,680/person, 6 persons or more please Inquiry.   Book This Tour Now
( DD7d1++ Hil+Nal +Pan 1div BBQ ) Standard Package:Group of 2 persons=PhP7,100/ person, 3 persons=PhP6,750/person, 4~5 persons=P6,390/person, 6 persons or more please Inquiry.   Book This Tour Now

Inclusions: Exclusive boat-Special BBQ Lunch – Pickup Services-Drinks-Diving Equipment Sets-Snorkel Sets-Sanctuary Diving Fees & Nalusuan Island Entrance Fee-Bread(fish feeding)-Pandanon Island Entrance Fee- Cottage Fee-Towels-Tax.
*Children:  Rates are the same with the adult rates

 * Difference between Executive & Standard Package

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After the trip shower is available at our shop.

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