Info Discovery Diving

About experiential diving: The underwater world is more beautiful than you might think, and it is a world with different dimensions. Experience diving is easier to get closer to the sea than snorkeling. We do not do preliminary training using the pool. There are many fish, and it is done directly in the beautiful shallow water of the coral. I will use the ship to the marine protected area, but I will explain diving equipment on the moving ship, basic knowledge (how to see the remaining amount of air, how to put on the mask, how to breathe through the regulator, how to remove ears, underwater Sign language, weight belt weight etc.) are explained. Instructions in Japanese are also available on board. In addition to the tank of about 10kg, the weight of the regulator is attached to the belt with a lead weight for diving. With this, the body will fully sink against buoyant bodies, wet suits, etc. The buoyancy balance that can stand still in water is well balanced by putting air into the BCD buoyancy regulator (best). It becomes a state of weightlessness. In the case of trial diving, the dive master adjusts the buoyancy. Move to the shallow water about 1.5m, enter the water, use the regulator, how to handle the mask “diving glasses”, how to remove the ears (water pressure causes pressure on the eardrum, causing pain in the eardrum). Underwater ① breathe so that air can reach the lungs, ② adjust buoyancy, ③ adjust pressure by removing ears as soon as you feel pressure, ④ improve the visual field of glasses (remove water intrusion and cloudiness due to exhaust), ⑤ Look closely at the face of the dive master, and sign the situation correctly. Please enjoy the underwater world comfortably by mastering. Original diving does not come true with such simple knowledge, but we will inform you only of knowledge corresponding to the depth and environment allowed for experience diving. If you can afford it, take care of manners and dangerous creatures. We have one dive master for every two people. Although it is a local person, it has a lot of experience for Japanese people and can handle various situations because it is a local person. Please enjoy.
* How long can you dive at 20 atm per tank? If you are a licensed and experienced person, add a water depth of 20-30m and a decompressed water depth of 5m and dive for about 1 hour.