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Dive spotClassDepthAngleCurrentFeature & Nature
CoptonB10~18m30to 90°~3Nice coral, Airplane, Cardinal fish, Damsel fish, yellow ribbon
White BeachB12~18m50 to 90°~3Big Brown Daisy, Sponge,Coral, Snapper, Turtle
Tuble ReefC12~18m90°~225m sand bottom, 27m cave, Big Parrotfish,Turtle
KasaiB7~15m45 to 90°~2Turtle, Whale shark on May, Nudibranchs, Razorfish
Tongo10~18m90°~2Turtle, Juvenile, Barracuda, Fusiliers, Mandarin fish
PescadorB7~20m90°~3North-east 7m coral platform, good for night dive, Cathedral