City tour and Olango Island Adventure Tour

Cebu City Tour 

Cebu is the trading center of Southeast Asia in the 13th century. Discovered by Ferdinand Magellan on April 8,1521. Rich of its pre-Hispanic relics, pre-historic past, antiques, and artifacts that have been found in different parts of the island.

Cebu now leads the Philippines in an economic upswing unprecedented in its history and is the gateway of central and southern Philippines and is the country’s favorite tourist destination.

City Tour Package

( City Tour with Buffet Lunch ) 4~5hours
Group of 2 persons=PhP3,800/ person,
3 persons=PhP3,600/person,
4 persons=P3,400/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry,  ➡ Book This Tour Now

1) Mactan Shrine
2) Guitar factory
3) Fort San Pedro “Fort San Pedro” Cebu City Fort San Pedro, the first Spanish fort build in Philippines soil on December 14,1600
4) Magellans Cross  “Magellan Shrine”Ferdinard Magellan planted a cross in the island of Cebu April 8 1521,now the island’s famous landmark.
5) Basilica Minore del Sto Nino  “Basilica Minore del Sto.Nino”is Cebu’s oldest Roman Catholic Church, also still retains the original stone texture and natural color it had in 1735.
6) Museo Sugbo (Museum)
7) Taoist temple  “Taoist Temple”Taoist Temple located at Beverly Hills, Cebu. This temple preserves the teachings of Lao-Tse, The 600 B.C. Chinese philosopher. Everyday people climb its 99 steps to light joss sticks and have their fortune read.
8) Buffet lunch at The Port Seafood Restaurant with 1 round of drink

( City+Tops with Buffet Lunch )
Overlooking Cebu from a mountain top
Group of 2 persons=PhP4,800/ person,
3 persons=PhP4,500/person,
4 persons=P4,300/person,
5 persons or more please ➡ Book This Tour Now


Olango Island Adventure Tour 

Olango Island is a typical Filipino Town, warm hospitality and simple culture and a peaceful island. Visiting local house which build on an elevated land with small houses. Houses are built by bamboo and Nipa leaves.

Half day land trip tour to Olango Island experience to see bird sanctuary, village tour, kayak ride to the mangrove jungle and swim shallow on the mangroves, also the chance to see other creatures.. You will also experience the taste of coconut juice and coco wine exhibition.
A tricycle ride will tour you around the peaceful Filipino town. There is also a floating restaurant which serves fresh live sea foods to cook or raw the way you wanted.

To make your Olango tour an enjoyable one, we recommend our guests to check first the sea tide Since we really wanted our guests to get satisfied in each trip they had, we made it sure that the sea level meet their expectations as we recommend the following;Best for going to mangrove jungle and kayak ride- March to September.Bird watching in Olango is one of the highlighted activity in the island especially in the month of September to March as the migratory birds had their stopover in the sanctuary all the way from Australia, New Zealand among other places. Best season Nov~Mar

Day Tour,Olango Island Adventure Tour-
Tricycle Ride, Village Tour, Bird Sanctuary, Mangrove Jungle, Kayak Ride, Coconut Wine Tasting
FREE Hotel Resort Pickup – Mactan Island Area

Tide Chart

( 10a Olango ) 4hrs Trip,
Group of 2 persons=PhP2,850/ person,
3 persons=PhP2,700/person,
4 persons=P2,570/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry,Inquire
(No Lunch)Inclusions: Exclusive Boat-Pickup Services- Drinks-Bird Sanctuary Entrance fee-Kayak-Coco Wine Tasting-Tricycle ride.  ➡ Book This Tour Now

( 10b Olango BBQ ) 6hrs Trip with Beach BBQ Luch:
Group of 2 persons=PhP3,360/ person,
3 persons=PhP3,200/person,
4 persons=P3,030/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry.  ➡ Book This Tour Now
Inclusions: Exclusive Boat-Pickup Services,-Bird Sanctuary Entrance fee-Kayak,Coco Wine Tasting,Tricycle Ride,Drinks & BBQ Lunch

( 10b+Tal Olango+Talima BBQ )
Group of 2 persons=PhP3,820/ person,
3 persons=PhP3,630/person,
4 persons=P3,440/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry.  ➡ Book This Tour Now
Snorkeling at Talima Marine Sanctuary add P600 per person Child (4~11) 70% Services will be the same with Adult.
the whole trip is estimated 4-5 hours. going mangrove jungle must be on a high-tide (tour time will be arranged) Cebu City Transfers

( DDO Ola+Tal 1 div BBQ )
Discovery Diving at Talima 1 dive
Group of 2 persons=PhP5,300/ person,
3 persons=PhP5,040/person,
4 persons=P4,770/person,
5 persons or more please Inquiry.  ➡ Book This Tour Now
Child (4~11) 70% Services will be the same with Adult.
the whole trip is estimated 4-5 hours. going mangrove jungle must be on a high-tide (tour time will be arranged) Cebu City Transfers