Charter Services

Boat Rental


Basic Tariff    Per Person

Area A   1day (8hrs) PhP5,000
half day (4hrs)PhP5,000  PhP250 adult – child half  PhP150adult – child half

Area B    1day (8hrs) PhP6,000  half day (4hrs)PhP6,000   PhP250adult – child half   PhP150adult – child half

Area C  1day (8hrs) PhP8,500   half day (4hrs)PhP8,500  PhP250 adult – child half   PhP150adult – child half

Area D  1day (8hrs) PhP12,500   PhP250adult – child half  Trolling Use Add Fuel Cost   1day (8hrs) PhP3,500  half day (4hrs)PhP2,250

Fishing Equipment Rental
(All Boat Same Price)

Trolling Set 4-5lines – PhP3,000
Using Yacht Trolling

Trolling Set 2-3lines – PhP1,500 Using Pump Boat

Fishing Set with Bait – PhP1,250
Extra Charges:
Over Time – PhP3,500/ hour
Waiting Hour – Loading / Unloading – PhP2,500 / hour

Reservation – Advance Payment – 50%
Cancellation Fee (yacht) :
2 Days before trip 30% – 1 day before trip 50% –
same day 100% of food and deposit of 50%

Subject for 12% tax
Capacity up to 15pax.
Pumpboat charter B cover A, C cover B & A,
D cover B & A., Island entrance fee not included.
Free pick up only.

Pickup Service
Round trip transfers (pick up service)
Mactan resort hotels: Free of charge
*City Hotels:1~4 pax (PhP1,000) in excess of 4- PhP250/pax
Cancellation fee (othe services):25% Actual reserved date