Cebu Coamen Island Mactan

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Coamen island is a fishing village island and many residents live because it is a good port, the surroundings are the best beach on the shallow white sand beach, but many residents and fishermen living in sanitary clusters travelers I can not feel relieved

Island Name: Coamen Island
Population: 560
Major Occupation: Fishermen
Sea Shore Details: White Sands and Shallow Corals Approach to Island.
Tourist Accommodation: No Cottages for Tourists
Snorkeling: B Westside of island
Diving: No Place to Dive – 500 meters Westside around island is around 1-3 meter depth.
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 1 hours 30 minutes from Maribago
Attraction: View Nearby Islands
Comments: Around Island Covered by Shallow Coral About – 300-500m. Hard to
Approach During Low Tide. Northern part of the island are sand “bare-at-low” you
can walk around the sandbar around 500 meters. Water depth is less than half a meter.
Good for family including sm