All Tour Numbers

Island Hopping (Snorkeling,Discovery Diving)
Hil=Hilutugan, Nal=Nalusuan, Pan=Pandanon, San=Sandbar, Cao=Caohagan, Cab=Cabulan,
with E=Executive Package, other is Standard Package,
Price below, rate of 1 person for the group of 2 persons, more people getting lower depend on no. of persons.

(2a Hil BBQ)2,600
(2aE Hil BBQ)2,850
(2b Hil)2,250
(2c Tal)2,100
(3a Hil+Nal BBQ)3,300
(3aE Hil+Nal BBQ)3,550
(3b Hil+Pan BBQ)4,250
(3bE Hil+Pan BBQ)4,500
(3c Hil+Cao BBQ)3,400
(3cE Hil+Cao BBQ)3,650
(3d Hil+Nal+Cao BBQ)3,750
(3dE Hil+Nal+Cao BBQ)4,000
(3e Nal+Pan BBQ)4,350
(3eE Nal+Pan BBQ)4,600
(3g Nal+Cao BBQ)3,650
(3gE Nal+Cao BBQ)3,900
(3n Nal BBQ)3,200
(3nE Nal BBQ)3,450
(3×3 Hil+Nal+Pan BBQ)4,600
(3x3E Hil+Nal+Pan BBQ)4,850
(MS Hil+Nal+Tal BBQ)4,100
(MSE Hil+Nal+Tal BBQ)4,350
(S2E 10 Islands BBQ)8,000
(S5E Hil+San BBQ)5,500
(10a Olango)2,500
(10b Olango BBQ)3,000
(10b Olango+Talima BBQ)3,600
(S6E Pan+San BBQ)6,500
(S7E Hil+Nal+San BBQ)6,500
(S8E Hil+Nal+Pan+San BBQ)7,000
 *Island Hopping/
Discovery Dive, Snorkeling
2 person
(DDH Hil 1div BBQ)3,850
(DDHE Hil 1div BBQ)4,050
(DDH Hil 1div)3,600
(DD7b Hil 2 div BBQ)4,150
(DD7bE Hil 2 div BBQ)4,400
(DD7d1 Hil+Nal 1div BBQ)4,900
(DD7d1E Hil+Nal 1div BBQ)5,150
(DD7d+ Hil+Nal 2div BBQ)5,200
(DD7d+E Hil+Nal 2div BBQ)5,450
(DDHC  hil+Cao 1div BBQ)4,900
(DDHCE  hil+Cao 1div BBQ)5,150
(DDO Ola+Tal 1div BBQ)4,950
(DD7d++E Hil+Nal+Pan 2div BBQ)6,750
(DD7d++ Hil+Nal+Pan 2div BBQ)6,500
(DD7d1++E Hil+Nal+Pan 1div BBQ)6,450
(DD7d1++ Hil+Nal+Pan 1div BBQ)6,200
*Discovery Dive2 person
(DDM Shore 1div)1,850
(DDH hil 1div)3,600
(DDH Hil 1div BBQ)3,850
(DDT Tal 1div)3,200
(DD7a Hil 2div)3,900
(DD7b Hil 2div BBQ)4,150
(DD7bE Hil 2div BBQ)4,400
(DD7c Tal 2div)3,500
(DD7d Hil+Nal 2div BBQ)5,000
(DD7dE Hil+Nal 2div BBQ)5,250
(DD7e Hil+Tal 2div BBQ)4,350
(DD7eE Hil+Tal 2div BBQ)4,600
(DD7c Tal 2div BBQ)3,900
*Fun Dive2 person
(7 Hil 1div)3,600
(7a Hil 2div)3,900
(7b Hil 2div BBQ)4,150
(7bE Hil 2div BBQ)4,400
(7f Nal 1div)3,750
(7g Nal 2div BBQ)4,450
(7gE Nal 2div BBQ)4,700
(7c Tal 1div)3,200
(7c1 Tal 2div)3,500
(7d Hil+Nal 2div BBQ)5,000
(7dE Hil+Nal 2div BBQ)5,250
(7e Hil+Tal 2div BBQ)4,350
(7eE Hil+Tal 2div BBQ)4,600
(8a Tal+Had 2div BBQ)3,550
(8aE Tal+Had 2div BBQ)3,800
(8b Tal+Had 2div)3,300
(S.Saf Hil+Nal+Tal 3div BBQ)5,750
(S.SafE  Hil+Nal+Tal 3div BBQ)6,000
(8c Hil+Tal+Tam+Had 4div BBQ)5,450
(8cE Hil+Tal+Tam+Had 4div BBQ)5,700
(8d  San+Mar+Had 3div BBQ)4,250
(8dE San+ Mar+Had 3div BBQ)4,500
(8e  Sha+Tam+Blu 3div BBQ)4,000
(8eE  Sha+Tam+Blu 3div BBQ)4,200
(8e2  Sha+Tam 2div )3,100
(8fE Hil+Tal+Had 3div BBQ)5,200
(8f Hil+Tal+Had 3div BBQ)5,000
(9cE Cabilao 2div)11,400
(Night Dive)3,000
*Fishing2 person
(13a B.Fishing 8hrs BBQ)5,500
(13b B.Fishing 4hrs)3,850
(13c 8hrs BBQ)10,000
(13d D.Fishing 4hrs)5,000
(14a Trolliing 8hrs BBQ)7,200
(14b Trolling 4hrs )4,850
*Oslob Whale Shark2 person
(WSB Boat)5,000
(WSS Snokel)5,500
(WSS+Smilon BBQ)8,000
(WSS+SumDD BBQ)10,500
(WSD+Sum 2div BBQ)12,000
(WSD 1div)9,000
(WSS+Malabuyoc+Kawasan BBQ)9,800
(WSS+Kawasan BBQ)8,800
(WSS+Canyoneering BBQ)11,300
* City Tour2 person
(City Tour with Buffet Lunch)3,000
(City+Tops with Buffer Lunch)4,100
*SnorkelPlus2 person
(5 Hil SnorkelPlus )3,600
(5H+N Hil+Nal BBQ)4,800
(6 Maribago SP)1,700
(Advance Open Water)16,000
(Open Water)19,000
(Resucue Diving)25,000
Single person rate
(WSS Snorkel)9,500
(WSD 1 div)16,300
(WSS+Sumilon BBQ)14,300
(WSD+sum 2div BBQ)21,600
(WSS+SumilonDD BBQ)